Things to Love About Artificial Boxwood Hedges

Artificial Boxwood Hedges
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The Looks

Boxwood hedges are popular for one reason above all: they simply look good. But if maintenance is even slightly neglected, they can lose that neatly trimmed appearance and start to look shaggy and shabby. Over time, they will lose shape altogether if not kept in check.

Things like dead or damaged leaves can also affect their looks negatively. Artificial hedges are immune to most of these ills and highly resilient to others, such as leaf damage. They will always be healthy and perfectly trimmed, ensuring they look great at all times. 


Low Maintenance

It's not just about looks, but about how easy those looks are to maintain. With natural hedges, this is a difficult and labour-intensive matter. To prevent shabbiness, they must be regularly trimmed. This trimming is something of a skilful business if you don't want them to be misshapen and wonky, which can look almost as bad as untrimmed and shabby.

They also need the same kind of ongoing care and maintenance that any other large plant does. Artificial hedges, on the other hand, need little to no maintenance. They don't grow out of shape, start to die or suffer from insect infestations. They simply sit there continuing to look good.



Artificial hedges are in many ways more versatile than their natural counterparts. They can be installed in any kind of soil and any moisture conditions or even indoors. They are also more flexible when it comes to putting them in the ground with other (real) plants. Being large, natural boxwood hedges are thirsty things and take a lot of moisture from the soil, and this can be bad news for other plants nearby. Artificial hedges, on the other hand, steal no moisture at all.


To find out more about artificial boxwood hedges, what is so great about them and why you might want to consider installing them, please look through the other articles on this site. We've made a wealth of information available and accessible for you here online. Alternatively, if you would prefer to talk to somebody directly, just get in touch and a member of our team will be happy to help.

22 September 2021
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