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How to create a low maintenance garden

With the days getting brighter and more prolonged, many of us are beginning to get back into our gardens to enjoy them. Some of us will realise how much work needs to be done in our gardens, and we begin to wonder if we can fit gardening time around work and social lives. For this reason, we’ve come up with some ideas on how to create a low maintenance garden and some easy solutions. 

21 April 2022
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Why Artificial Turf is Ideal Under Hot Tubs

Picture this: You’ve just got a new lazy spa hot tub, it’s all ready to be set up but what can you put it over? Hot tubs can damage your lawn badly, water with chlorine splashing onto the grass can kill it. Then you must consider hot tubs are heavy – grass can’t support much so after a time you may find your new lazy spa sinks into the ground and could leave your hot tub unbalanced. So, what can you put under a hot tub?

27 January 2022
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5 unusual uses for artificial boxwood hedging

Artificial hedging isn't just confined to the garden, here are 5 unusual ways to use artificial greenery to make an impact in & around your home & business [...]
25 May 2021
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The Advantages of an Artificial Hedge 'Green Wall'

If you love the idea of a green wall, but you only have to look at a plant to kill it, then artificial hedge is the ideal solution! Check out our article [...]
25 May 2021
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How Easy Is It to Install Boxwood Hedging?

Boxwood hedging is not only practical but attractive, virtually maintenance-free & helps to provide an added layer of security & privacy to any property [...]
24 May 2021
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