Fake grass for turtle tank

Fake grass for turtle tank
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Turtles are very-friendly creatures. Their different colours and patterns combined with charming personalities make them extraordinary pets, and just like any other pets, they can even recognise their owner! 


They can live for at least thirty years in captivity and have been known to live up to eighty years and even longer, depending on the species. The level of care affects the lifespan of a domesticated turtle, so an appropriate enclosure is a must. As they have a longer life span, it’s important that you invest well in their enclosure, so they can live comfortably as they grow older. 


But just like with any pet, it is important they are provided with everything necessary to ensure that they live a long, happy and comfortable life, and one of the best ways to do so, is to ensure that their enclosures are more welcoming and comfortable with different necessities such as artificial grass. 


Why keep your pet turtle in a tank?


Properly caring for your turtles can increase their lifespan, and one of the ways to make sure that they are happy is to provide them with a comfortable and welcoming turtle tank with necessary additions. Turtle tanks are a great solution to frequently check up on them as they require a lot of care and attention as they grow older. 


When investing in a turtle tank, you need to ensure that your pet remains in a safe and secure area so you aren’t constantly worrying about your pet getting harmed or lost. To make your pet turtle's home more welcoming, you must invest in accessories such as artificial grass, pebbles, lamp and more so that your turtle is happy with its living arrangements.  


How to maintain a turtle tank?


To maintain a turtle tank, you need the correct type of filtration system to help keep the water fresh and safe for extended periods. You need to invest in water testing kits to ensure you monitor the levels of each chemical that may be harmful to your pet. 


It is crucial to upgrade your turtle tank as your pet grows; you may want to invest in other necessities such as artificial grass for decor or even a new UV light. In simpler words, to maintain your turtle’s tank correctly, you need to ensure that the water is constantly fresh. 


What do turtles need in the tank:


  • UV light - helps keep your turtle healthy.
  • A turtle dock - an area where your turtle can crawl out of water for some air.
  • Aquarium filter - a good filtration system allows you to constantly supply your pet with clean water.
  • Tank decorations - to make your pet's home more welcoming.


Why use artificial grass in turtle tanks?


Many turtle keepers prefer to use artificial grass to decorate the tank, and some prefer live plants, so it's up to your preference. Let's look into the differences between artificial and real plants used in turtle tanks!


Artificial grass mimics a natural plant's appearance and can last many years as it is durable. In contrast, live plants can overgrow, die or get eaten by your turtle, requiring you to invest more in the plants, making this option much more expensive. 


Artificial grass can benefit you and your pet simultaneously when used in a turtle tank as it is very low maintenance and can help you manage the tank as the water will not need to be changed as often. Sadly, live plants can carry unwanted parasites that can harm your turtle's health, so fake grass is safer for your little friend. 


Benefits of investing in artificial grass for your turtle tank


There are many benefits when using artificial grass in turtle tanks as it simply helps manage it. There's no need to constantly monitor the tank water as it does not release oxygen and carbon monoxide. Artificial grass is a non-toxic solution that can be easily cleaned when removed from your turtle tank.


Fake grass for the turtle tank is a cheap accessory that can quickly improve the environment's appearance. Once you make the initial purchase, you will not be required to spend money on replacing the solution constantly. It also does not require additional costs such as specific lighting or supplemental nutrients compared to live plants.  


Most turtles like to visit the land, so if your tank has that little platform for your turtle, you can also upgrade it with pet-friendly fake grass. Luckily, fake grass is safe to use both inside and outside of water, making it the cheapest alternative that helps to improve the appearance of your turtle's tank.


Expressgrass offers artificial grass that does not contain harmful substances making it one of the safest accessories for your pet. Artificial grass in your turtle tank does not need to be green; it can be sand gold, so your pet turtle can feel like it's walking on the beach. 


Expressgrass provides a wide selection of artificial grass available to your requirements. Yes, that's right, we have many options for you to choose from, and we are more than happy to customise your fake grass. You can even match the artificial grass colour of your turtle tank with your garden! So order yours today.

29 June 2022
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