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Reasons to Choose artificial grass play areas for kids

We always want the best for children, which is why our Artificial Grass has been a popular choice for covering all kinds of children's play areas. We supply schools in both the public and private sectors and have built up a large customer base from them alone. If you're considering an artificial grass play area for your kids or school, read more here

9 March 2022
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Benefits of using Artificial grass for pets

We tend to adore our animal companions, but having one does mean we have to be a bit extra careful buying new products as we don’t know what impact those can have. This is why our products do not contain any harmful substances, and your pets can therefore sniff and lick the pet friendly artificial grass without any problems. Find out the many benefits of choosing artificial grass and why it can be better than natural lawns

15 February 2022
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Is fake grass flammable?

For the decoration of a booth, a trade fair, a terrace of a restaurant or even for the shop window or during any event, it is advisable to lay a synthetic turf that has a reaction to fire classification of Bfl-s1, Cfl-s1 or M3 without sanding [...]
25 September 2021
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When Is the Best Time to Install Artificial Grass?

Is it Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter? Find out what each season brings & get in touch with our experts to know more about the fake grass installation process [...]
25 September 2021
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When Does Synthetic Grass Need to Be Replaced?

Synthetic grass is very durable and should last for many years. It is resistant to wear and tear from regular use - even energetic sporting activities or the running-around of children - and will also resist fading as a [...]
25 September 2021
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Synthetic Grass and its airport credentials.

The benefits that artificial grass can bring to an airport are very similar to those that can be brought to you at home [...]
25 September 2021
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Getting the Most Out of Synthetic Grass

There are many different types of artificial grass on the market today. Partly this is due to quality, with some being near indistinguishable from natural grass and others being a bit more artificial in look and feel [...]
25 September 2021
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Fundraise to help your local team install astro turf on their pitch!

When it comes to playing football, it is widely accepted that it is far easier to play on astro turf than it is real grass. It looks and feels like real grass [...]
25 September 2021
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Real vs. Artificial? What's the Best Grass Turf?

Being able to get outside is proven to boost our mental health and wellbeing. But over time a natural lawn can prove overwhelming, particularly as we age and become less mobile [...]
24 September 2021
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Fake grass is the perfect addition to a roof terrace or garden!

If you are lucky enough to have a roof terrace or garden then you should be making the most of it! Roof terraces and gardens are the perfect places to [...]
23 September 2021
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