Benefits of using Artificial grass for pets

Benefits using Artificial grass for pets
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We tend to adore our animal companions, but having one does mean we have to be a bit extra careful buying new products as we don’t know what impact those can have. This is why our products do not contain any harmful substances, and your pets can therefore sniff and lick the pet friendly artificial grass without any problems. You can find the range of pet-friendly artificial grass here


But there are also many benefits to choosing artificial grass lawns when you have pets. It can even be a better choice for pets than natural lawns for many reasons. Here’s why it may be time for you to consider artificial grass for pets.


No Dead Patches

Your lawn is one of the first places pets will use as their personal toilet. Pet urine can often kill natural grass, leaving you with brown patches on your lawn.

Unlike natural grass, artificial grass will keep its colour and condition however much your pets use it. Plus, it has excellent natural drainage, so your furry friend leaves no nasty unexpected puddles.


It’s Durable

One thing we all know about pets is that even the best-behaved ones can be a little destructive, especially outdoors. They climb, scratch, dig, claw, and chew anything they can, especially as puppies and kittens. Many pet owners with grass lawns will tell you the issues they have with their cats, dogs, rabbits, and other beloved pets digging holes in their lawn.

This is where using artificial grass for pets can be a worthy investment. Artificial grass is strong and durable to withstand even the most destructive pets. Your pets can run and play on your fake lawn without causing damage. If you’re a cat owner, it can even help keep your indoor furniture in better condition. Many cats love to scratch and sharpen their claws on artificial grass, meaning it gives them a better alternative that can withstand their claws much better than your favourite chair. 


Easy to clean

Pets can be messy sometimes; they can throw up at seemingly random moments, use your lawn as a private toilet and bring home small animals’ carcasses that they leave as a present right on your lawn. And often, when they leave it on the lawn and you haven’t mowed in a while, it can be easy to step in one of those presents they leave you that you didn’t see (but we still love them anyway).


If pet messes on your lawn are a common issue, an artificial lawn will not only stay short, so you can see any messes your pets have left you before you step in them, but it’s also much easier to clean. Any messes can be wiped off or hosed down easily and quickly. Leaving you more time to spend with your pet instead of cleaning up after them.


You Can use it to toilet train dogs

You can use artificial grass to make your dog their own little pet potty. This can be especially helpful for toilet training puppies or older dogs who are a little more hesitant to do their business outside. It’s a great option as making an artificial grass dog toilet will be soft, durable and won’t leave any nasty stains. Creating a DIY Dog loo can be a great option if you live somewhere without an outdoor space or garden to let your dog use.

While there are versions of this you can buy online, you can make a DIY one very easily with some fake grass and a tray for drainage. Here are the options we’d recommend.


We have a selection of end of roll offcuts available if you have a larger dog you’re building for, as they start at 2m x 1.7m. These are also good if you have a smaller dog but no garden to let them out into. This gives them a bit more space on the grass to use as their own. You can find the larger end of meter offcuts available here. Or even order a smaller piece of our regular AstroTurf lawns. 


If you have a small dog, you want to create a dog toilet for, we also have larger a4 samples that can be used. One or two of these joined together over a tray for drainage can make a great small dog toilet. Take a look at our A4 Sample sizes here


If you think pet-friendly fake grass might be the way forward for your lawn, we have a large selection available for your needs. Get in touch or buy today and take advantage of our express delivery service. 

15 February 2022
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