Reasons to Choose artificial grass play areas for kids

Benefits of Artificial grass play areas
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One of the main ways children learn and develop vital skills they'll need in life is through play. It helps them learn their abilities, and outdoor play areas have the added benefit of letting them exercise in a fun and enjoyable way for them. There are many different options to choose from, but many are opting for artificial grass for play areas, and there are many good reasons it's a great choice. Here are a few reasons to consider artificial grass for playgrounds and kids' outdoor areas. 

It's Bright and Colourful


If you spend any time around kids, you'll know how much they love bright and colourful things, and there's a scientific reason for this too! By the time they're eight months old, kids begin to notice bright colours, and it's been proven to be stimulating for their minds. It also makes them happier and bright, and colourful learning areas help learned experiences stay in their minds, and play is how they make a lot more learned experiences. 


Natural grass can get muddy in wet weather and cold seasons, meaning it can turn an unpleasant shade of brown and lose its brightness. Choosing an artificial lawn for your playground grass means you can keep its colour year-round as it's weather-proof. On top of that, if you're looking to take full advantage of having a bright and colourful area for kids to play in, you're not limited to just green grass. You can also get a wide range of coloured artificial grass, and each colour can encourage different moods and skills in children. 


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Create a safer environment to play


Every parent, teacher and child carer worries about keeping kids safe. They don't fully understand the world around them yet and tend to trip and fall as they run around so much (and lead to accidents that can damage their surroundings at times.)


Thankfully, not only is artificial grass tough and resilient, but it's also soft and safe to land on. It also doesn't get muddy when the weather gets damp, meaning no big piles of mud to slip in (or cause messes). It's handy to think about if you're making your play area in a school or playground where many kids will be playing without your grass becoming slowly worn away, as you might find with natural grass.


And you can make artificial grass softer still with a foam shock pad underlay. This means there's a much better shock absorption if you have any trips or falls. 

It's a much better choice if there are any allergies


Hayfever is a widespread problem in adults and children alike. A freshly mown lawn can lead to runny or blocked noses, lots of sneezing and itchy eyes, mouth, throat and ears, which doesn't put adults in the best mood, let alone young children who haven't learned how to control their emotions yet. Plus, it makes it much harder for them to focus on learning new skills or completing school work if they're struggling with hayfever. 


If you want to avoid hayfever related meltdowns altogether, this is where choosing artificial grass for playgrounds is strongly recommended. There's no need to mow it, and there are no pollen particles produced to trigger hayfever. 



It's Cleaner and Healthier


With natural grass for your play area comes many ways to make a mess. Kids can get tough to remove grass stains on their clothes, and in wet weather, natural grass can result in kids being covered in mud and dirt.


However, none of these is a problem with artificial grass play areas. Artificial grass won't cause any stains on clothes, and there are a variety of underlays you can layer underneath it to make sure weeds don't come through and let water filter through instead of sitting on the surface, which means no puddles or mud to splash in! 


On top of that, uses non-toxic artificial grass, so there are no chemicals to worry about being near children playing on it if you choose a synthetic playground turf. 


We always want the best for children, which is why our Artificial Grass has been a popular choice for covering all kinds of children's play areas. We supply schools in both the public and private sectors and have built up a large customer base from them alone. If you're considering an artificial grass play area for your kids or school, We offer express delivery, so order today from our collection to get your new play area complete as soon as possible. 

9 March 2022
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