How to create a low maintenance garden

How to create a low maintenance garden

 With the days getting brighter and more prolonged, many of us are beginning to get back into our gardens to enjoy them. Some of us will realise how much work needs to be done in our gardens, and we begin to wonder if we can fit gardening time around work and social lives.

For this reason, we’ve come up with some ideas on how to create a low maintenance garden and some easy solutions. 

Use Artificial Grass for Lawns


Natural grass can get patchy. Parts of it can fade away if it gets walked over too much. It gets muddy when it’s wet. It’s also prone to weeds which often need to be dug out, then filled back in and have the grass replanted, and then sometimes grass seeds can be stubborn and just won’t grow (especially for less experienced gardeners). Even if you manage to have a perfect lawn, it still needs regular mowing. 


One option for a lawn that doesn’t have any of these issues is an artificial lawn. It’s tough and resilient, which means there’s no worry about it fading and wearing away where it’s constantly walked on. A weed membrane can be placed underneath to stop them from growing through, getting rid of the need to dig up weeds blemishing your lawn. There’s no need to mow either, just a quick clean whenever you think it needs it and a brush (and there are plenty of tools and accessories available here which can help make that even easier, too)

Add Artificial Hedges for easy greenery


Natural hedges, and plants often need a lot of maintenance. They need regular trimming, weeding and work to keep in good shape.


Thankfully, there are artificial ones you can get if you want the look of green plants and hedges without the maintenance work. There are easy options to make it as simple as possible such as Topiary tiles to make artificial hedges, green walls and privacy screens

You can even create sections in your garden with extendable screens which look as if you’ve made an ivy fence (but without having to trim it and maintain it) 

Use Perennial plants for Colour


So you’ve followed all the steps, and you really don’t want to spend your free time fussing over plants and hanging baskets, but you do want just a little more colour in your garden. But there are so many different plants that are high maintenance, and some, such as wisteria, need excessive pruning. 


This is where Perennial plants are excellent. Perennials are tough, low maintenance plants that flower year after year. They include a lot of garden favourites such as Sedum, Geranium, Periwinkle, Daffodils, Peonies, Armeria and Lavender. They only need minimal effort to keep in good condition to keep your garden colourful. 


Add Paved areas instead of more plant beds


Flower and plant beds need a lot of work as their prime spots for weeds to start growing, and the more plants you have in them, the harder it gets to see the weeds when they begin sprouting. That gives them a chance to grow the roots deeper and makes them harder to pull out when you do find them.


If you want to keep the maintenance of your garden down, paved areas are a great alternative. There are many options to choose from, such as paving stones, gravel, cobblestones and patio slabs. 


If you’re ready to create your low maintenance garden, now’s a great time to start, and we can help with the first step. If you’re considering some artificial grass installation in your garden, we offer express delivery so you can start ASAP. Order today from our collection to get your new lawn and begin the process.


21 April 2022
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