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Reasons to Choose artificial grass play areas for kids

We always want the best for children, which is why our Artificial Grass has been a popular choice for covering all kinds of children's play areas. We supply schools in both the public and private sectors and have built up a large customer base from them alone. If you're considering an artificial grass play area for your kids or school, read more here

9 March 2022
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Why Artificial Turf is Ideal Under Hot Tubs

Picture this: You’ve just got a new lazy spa hot tub, it’s all ready to be set up but what can you put it over? Hot tubs can damage your lawn badly, water with chlorine splashing onto the grass can kill it. Then you must consider hot tubs are heavy – grass can’t support much so after a time you may find your new lazy spa sinks into the ground and could leave your hot tub unbalanced. So, what can you put under a hot tub?

27 January 2022
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Installing an Artificial Lawn for a Bowling Green

One of the most important things for any bowling club to think about is installing the greens. Many choose artificial grass for its many benefits. As well as being easy maintenance, artificial turf can extend the bowling season, has better and more consistent conditions, and better levels. This guide will give you advice on what to think about when installing an artificial lawn for your bowling green.

26 January 2022
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How do you install artificial grass around a pool?

If you haven’t already, read our article on the benefits of Artificial Grass around pools. If you have and decide to proceed, great, keep reading! With a few steps, installing your artificial grass is going to be pretty straightforward with these tips.

7 December 2021
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What are the benefits of Artificial Grass around pools?

74% of Brits aspire to build their very own swimming pool in their gardens and as more and more of us are building swimming pools, people are wondering what are the best features to add to a swimming pool? Many people are opting against options such as paving or lawn grass in favour of having artificial grass around pools due to its many benefits.

7 December 2021
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Fake Grass for balcony

A beautifully arranged balcony with fake grass is the guarantee of an ultra-resistant, durable and trendy floor covering! 

So start with a beautiful floor covered with nice and green artificial grass before furnishing the balcony with some of your favourite outdoor seating options such as the pallet bench... Everything to spend happy and joyful moments!

29 November 2021
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Artificial grass on decking

Deck flooring made of grey concrete not only looks cold and boring, it also ends up being no longer appealing due to years of use. Often, residents opt for stone or wooden decking however adding some green to it is an additional way to significantly improve the look of that outdoor oasis. Artificial turf is just as green as real turf and at first glance, it actually looks unbelievably real.

22 November 2021
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Getting the Most Out of Synthetic Grass

There are many different types of artificial grass on the market today. Partly this is due to quality, with some being near indistinguishable from natural grass and others being a bit more artificial in look and feel [...]
25 September 2021
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Fundraise to help your local team install astro turf on their pitch!

When it comes to playing football, it is widely accepted that it is far easier to play on astro turf than it is real grass. It looks and feels like real grass [...]
25 September 2021
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Creative Ways to Use Artificial Grass Turf in Your Garden

An artificial lawn always keeps its crisp, clean edges, and that makes it perfect for pairing with patio slabs, decking and planters. Try boxing in the edges of your new lawn with raised planters that add height and the softness of natural planting to your garden [...]
25 September 2021
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