Artificial grass on decking

Artificial grass on decking

Deck flooring made of grey concrete not only looks cold and boring, it also ends up being no longer appealing due to years of use. Often, residents opt for stone or wooden decking however adding some green to it is an additional way to significantly improve the look of that outdoor oasis. Artificial turf is just as green as real turf and at first glance, it actually looks unbelievably real.


So get ready for some quick and easy transformation of your old decking with no additional maintenance!



Stone decking

A tiled surface should first be saturated with sand to make it consistent and compact throughout. Choosing artificial grass to cover decking in this situation remains easy as long as it comes with shape memory and is quite dense. For the installation of your artificial turf on stone deck tiles, it is necessary to consider securing your artificial turf on the edges so that it does not move.


Timber decking

On a wooden deck similar synthetic grass should be chosen as on a concrete surface. It's a hard surface therefore artificial grass with density is needed. On the other hand, the wood deck and the slats should be as flat as possible and not have too much spacing between them. If you have slats of your wood decking that have moved, you should think about replacing them because otherwise they will be visible through the grass. Old wooden decks near swimming pool decks that have not aged well are an excellent support for the grass because the permeability is perfect if they are laid on blocks.


Artificial grass on balcony

Usually, tenants are not allowed to make any permanent changes to the balcony of a rented flat meaning one would need to be able to remove whatever changes they applied to the existing flooring without altering it. This is where artificial grass comes in handy as it can just be rolled back up when moving out. Depending on the type of balcony, one sheet laid lengthwise may be enough. Get in touch if you prefer to discuss the pile direction first. 


Fake grass is easy to maintain, weather resistant and requires no more mowing the lawn. 

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22 November 2021
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