You'll need to mow and edge to keep everything looking sleek and streamlined, but sadly you often end up with an overgrown disaster. That's why artificial turf and decking are made for each other. So if you love the look, here's how to get it.


The Perfect Pair

If you've seen examples of decking that integrates into a lawn, you'll know how cool and contemporary the look can be - and you'll understand why it's a nightmare to try to get the look with a live lawn.

Swap out the live grass for artificial grass turf, however, and getting the look sharp and clean is easy. Because you never need to mow or edge your faux grass, you can create your decking and lawn in perfect harmony, using whatever shape you like. You can even integrate the lawn directly into the decking to soften the effect.


Low Maintenance, High Impact

Faux grass turf is also the savvy choice if you spend a lot of time entertaining in your garden. It's durable and hard-wearing and will bounce back after a big event with just a quick sweep with a stiff-bristled brush. Even better, if it rains your deck and your indoor floors and carpets will stay clean because a synthetic lawn is mud-free.

It's straightforward to keep your deck and your faux lawn looking lovely throughout the year by regularly sweeping and cleaning. Try to limit leaf build-up in particular, as this can discolour your deck and clog your lawn, preventing it from draining freely. Use a stiff-bristled brush to keep problem leaves at bay.

Your lawn and deck will also benefit from a thorough clean but beware of using a powerful pressure washer, as it can damage wood and synthetic fibres. Use a hose on your lawn to wash away any pet mess, and use a firm brush and warm soapy water to clear any algae from your deck - if the problem persists, investigate chemical solutions to keep it at bay.

You won't need any special treatment for your artificial grass turf as it's already UV-repellent, but you will need to re-apply any decking stain, oil or sealer on a yearly basis to keep your decking timbers in perfect condition.


Go for Quality

If you want to create a wow factor in your garden that's long-lasting and keeps its good looks, you need to invest in quality. Try a hardwood deck for sheer beauty or opt for composite decking which is anti-slip and anti-bacterial, making it a smart choice for a family. Then add the best artificial grass turf - just browse the website or contact our friendly and knowledgeable team and they'll be happy to advise you on creating a stunning lawn and deck feature in your garden.