Opt for Artificial Grass

The first decision you need to make is whether to stick with your living lawn or invest in artificial grass. Often it's a struggling live lawn that lets your shaded garden down, whereas an artificial lawn will bring lush greenness to even the shadiest garden. Choose an authentic replacement lawn with light and dark blades plus a proportion of thatch for a seamlessly natural look, or go crazy and create a brightly coloured carpet of white or yellow artificial grass to really brighten up a shady spot. The real bonus of using synthetic grass is that it won't get muddy, discolour or die and will stay looking good however shady your garden.


Try Prairie Planting

Don't just dot one or two plants around and hope they'll establish. Go for bold swathes of plants in a style known as prairie planting. Prepare the ground well with plenty of compost and choose plants that thrive in shade. Hostas look brilliant grouped together, then add the elegant white blooms of the foamflower for brightness and foxgloves and primroses for a natural look that wildlife will love. Bold planting will also help to naturalise your synthetic grass for an authentic look.


Create a Secluded Spot

The kids will love a hidden swing or a hideaway fortress, while adults will appreciate a secluded bench as a place to sit and relax with a good book. From the romantic to the mysterious, a hidden nook is just what every shade garden needs.


Add Architectural Interest

Ornaments with a reflective surface either on the ground or suspended from a tree can add real visual interest. Smaller statues add interest at ground level, while beautiful wind sculptures can enliven even the shadiest area. Use your judgement to create unexpected moments of visual delight throughout your shade garden.


Ask the Experts

We may not be experts in designing a shady garden, but we do know that synthetic turf is the savvy choice when you want to create a stunning lawn, whether in shade or full sun. Low-maintenance and no-mow, our hyper-natural artificial grasses are ideal for creating a beautiful lawn where it's difficult or impossible to grow one naturally. We have plenty of tips on choosing and installing the lawn you love, so browse the website and then contact our friendly and knowledgeable team to discuss your synthetic grass requirements in more detail.