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Things to Love About Artificial Boxwood Hedges

Boxwood hedges are popular for one reason above all: they simply look good. But if maintenance is even slightly neglected, they can lose that neatly trimmed appearance and [...]
22 September 2021
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5 Reasons You'll Love Artificial Boxwood Hedging

Artificial lawns are growing in popularity in the UK and hot on their heels comes artificial boxwood hedging. Find out why people prefer artificial to real [...]
20 September 2021
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How an Artificial Hedge Can Save You Money

Obviously, you'll save on your water bill as your artificial hedge needs no watering, except to occasionally clean the dust off the leaves. And you'll earn some eco-friendly credits by [...]
28 May 2021
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The Advantages of an Artificial Hedge 'Green Wall'

If you love the idea of a green wall, but you only have to look at a plant to kill it, then artificial hedge is the ideal solution! Check out our article [...]
25 May 2021
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