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Creative Ways to Use Artificial Grass Turf in Your Garden

An artificial lawn always keeps its crisp, clean edges, and that makes it perfect for pairing with patio slabs, decking and planters. Try boxing in the edges of your new lawn with raised planters that add height and the softness of natural planting to your garden [...]
25 September 2021
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Green up your life this winter with artificial boxwood hedging

You don't need colourful hanging baskets to give your doorway plenty of kerb appeal. In fact, framing your doorway with a pair of matching topiary trees [...]
21 September 2021
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5 Reasons You'll Love Artificial Boxwood Hedging

Artificial lawns are growing in popularity in the UK and hot on their heels comes artificial boxwood hedging. Find out why people prefer artificial to real [...]
20 September 2021
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Fun Things to Do with Your Leftover Artificial Boxwood Hedging

If we've inspired you to get creative with artificial boxwood hedging then take a look at the range on our website & let your imagination go to work. Enjoy [...]
19 September 2021
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Who Can Use Artificial Boxwood Hedges?

Find out in which settings Boxwood Hedges provides a cost-effective alternative looking as good as real hedge while eliminating the maintenance concerns [...]
6 August 2021
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5 unusual uses for artificial boxwood hedging

Artificial hedging isn't just confined to the garden, here are 5 unusual ways to use artificial greenery to make an impact in & around your home & business [...]
25 May 2021
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The Advantages of an Artificial Hedge 'Green Wall'

If you love the idea of a green wall, but you only have to look at a plant to kill it, then artificial hedge is the ideal solution! Check out our article [...]
25 May 2021
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