Green up your life this winter with artificial boxwood hedging

winter artificial boxwood hedging
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Frame your doorway

You don't need colourful hanging baskets to give your doorway plenty of kerb appeal. In fact, framing your doorway with a pair of matching topiary trees and adding matching artificial boxwood hedging window boxes is a smart and sophisticated way to dress your doorway.

This is a wonderful way of adding greenery to any style of building, whether period or cutting-edge contemporary. It's all in the symmetry and the fact that artificial greenery never looks out of place at any time of year.

The advantage of using artificial boxwood is that it withstands extremes of weather with ease. Whether that's standing up to UV rays in the summer or looking great after a snowstorm or rainstorm, artificial greenery remains looking pristine and never needs clipping or pruning.


Add the luxury of privacy

If your property is overlooked, then the winter can leave you feeling particularly exposed. Now is the time to add privacy from prying eyes with a luxury aesthetic.

Lush green artificial boxwood hedging is flexible enough to create screening of any size. Whether you want to conceal your bins or an eyesore of an outbuilding or create a privacy screen that protects your property from prying eyes, artificial greenery is an effortless way to get the look.


Everywhere goes green

If you only have a balcony, then don't despair. Artificial boxwood and other greenery is ideal for creating a green oasis that looks beautiful all year round. And you don't have to stop at your balcony railings - why not create green walls for added visual interest?

By using artificial greenery, you can mix and match ivy, boxwood and other leaves to create stunning effects. You'll never have to do more than give them a hose down or a once over with a duster to keep them looking beautiful. That gives you more time to get on with catching up on all those DIY jobs you promised to get on with when the days get shorter.


Green life

Of course, artificial boxwood hedging doesn't just add winter greenery to your exterior. Bringing the outside in is always on-trend, so why not add a green wall to your hallway or bathroom. Artificial greenery can create a stunning and sophisticated effect, paired with natural stone for a zen-like spa bathroom, or it can look cute and charming in a child's bedroom.

Whether you decide to spruce up your indoors or outdoors, we have a range of artificial boxwood hedging and other greenery that's a snap to install and even easier to maintain. Browse the range on our website then start planning the way you're going to get your greens this winter.

21 September 2021
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