Regaining Your Privacy With Artificial Hedges Panels

In a world where neighbours are living increasingly closer to each other. Whether you have a house or an apartment, lack of privacy is an ongoing issue for most of us!
Perhaps your next door neighbours can see directly into your garden, or maybe everyone who walks up and down your street can view your entire terrace.

Regaining a bit of privacy is entirely possible with a bit of creativity, thanks to artificial hedges

Artificial hedges are a great option for those who want privacy without compromising on aesthetics.
This low-maintenance option has become increasingly popular among the design conscious, allowing more people to regain their privacy while also enhancing their outdoor spaces.

An artificial boxwood hedge provides privacy on a penthouse balcony

Benefits of artificial hedge screens

Artificial greenery has experienced a rise in popularity, and for a few good reasons!
If these benefits appeal to you, then artificial hedges should definitely be considered as part of your design strategy to increase the privacy surrounding your property. Learn more about the benefits of artificial hedges with our handy guide!

1. Artificial hedges look great from the day of installation
If you don’t want to wait months and years for real hedges to fully grow, then artificial hedges are the perfect solution! Artificial hedges look fantastic straight out of the box, so privacy is regained in an instant.

2. Artificial hedges are easy to install
With just a few tools, you can easily install an artificial hedge yourself. There’s no getting your hands dirty here, because there’s no digging or planting required!

3. Maintenance is a breeze
You won’t need to keep to a watering schedule, or deal with cutting back overgrown foliage. Simply hose them down every few months, or let the rain deal with any dust buildup.

4. Artificial hedges let the air in and nosy neighbours out
Our artificial hedges allow for air to flow through, which is great for keeping the air circulation going in your yard or balcony (while still obstructing the view from the outside world to help you regain privacy).

5. A green spaces can benefit your health
It’s been proven that looking at greenery can have a calming effect on us, including reducing anxiety and lowering blood pressure.

6. No garden pests 
Aphids, snails, and other garden pests are the bane of a plant owner’s existence! Don’t waste your time dealing with these creatures – artificial hedges are completely unaffected by them.

7. Keep things cool with artificial hedges
Hedges can provide much-needed shade in an especially sunny area. And don’t worry about sun damage – UV protection within the plant or even a UV protection spray can help prevent damage from the sun.

8. Artificial hedges can be placed anywhere
Unlike their real counterparts that require specific sun conditions to thrive, these hedges can be installed pretty much anywhere! You can even get portable hedges which are easy to move around your property, allowing you to use your artificial hedges to provide privacy wherever you require it most.

9. Artificial hedges are an incredibly versatile option
Whether you use it for privacy for your garden or balcony, or even as a prettier alternative to a plain fence, there are many ways you can use your artificial hedges in and around your property. Read on to discover all the options you have when it comes to artificial hedges!

Artificial hedges screening for privacy

If you need more privacy for your property, artificial hedges may be the solution you’re searching for.

Artificial trellis hedges come in an array of different sizes, and look amazing the moment they arrive at your doorstep. There’s no need to wait for it to grow large enough to provide privacy – it’s ready for the job in an instant.

More importantly, these faux hedges are easy to install. You can install them on a variety of existing surfaces, including wooden fences, brick walls, and wire fences. 

Artificial hedges are also much easier on the eyes compared to other privacy screening options like large fencing. They’re definitely much easier to install too, and are generally a more

Artificial hedge for balconies

Who doesn’t love a spot of tea or a weekend BBQ on a balcony? Unfortunately, it all becomes a lot less appealing when you’ve got complete strangers eyeballing the party!

An artificial hedge can provide instant privacy around your balcony, providing a cosier atmosphere for those warm weather hangouts that we all love.

These hedges also still allow a breeze to come through, and provide a bit of a cooling shade when the weather gets a little too warm! Plus, you’ll have yourself a precious bit of greenery to enjoy in this small outdoor space, which is always a joy.

Artificial privacy plants

Artificial plants have come a long way, thanks to state of the art research and development. So many artificial plants, vertical green walls, and hedges look just like the real thing (without the hassle of waiting for it to grow!).
This versatile greenery can be enjoyed without worrying about maintenance, pest control, watering, or weather conditions.
You’ll regain privacy with your artificial hedges while still having a space that looks stylish and inviting all year round.

We have a range of different artificial hedges that you can use as a privacy screen, including the classic boxwood, fern, and laurel hedges, which look great in any space. 


Other ways to use artificial hedges

Regain privacy with artificial hedges - ivy wall installation at home - Artificial hedge fence
Aside from providing you with much-needed privacy, artificial hedges can be used in as many ways as you can imagine. There is no limit to how they can be incorporated into your home design, whether indoors or outdoors!


Wondering how to use artificial hedges?


Here are a few examples of different artificial hedges screening ideas that can be used for your home:

1. Use an artificial hedge to cover unsightly fences
If you have an existing fence that is faded and looking worn out, you can use artificial hedges to camouflage, creating a fresh new look without replacing an entire fence!

2. Use trellis artificial hedges as partitions
You may not think it, but a lot of our commercial clients have used artificial hedges as portable fencing at events. It’s ideal for crowd control and creating paths to direct people to specific areas.

3. Create a protective edging around garden beds
Pets can be notoriously cheeky when it comes to digging around garden beds and damaging flowers and plants! Place a low hedge around garden beds to protect your foliage.

4. Attach it to your pool fence
If you’d like a touch of greenery while still keeping your pool safe and secure, then opt for artificial hedges around your pool fence.

5. Create defined areas around your yard
You can use artificial hedges to fence off different areas like barbecue areas, play areas, and dining areas.

6. Cover up utilities and other structures
Got an unsightly hot water tank or an old shed? Use artificial hedges to remove them from sight while adding a bit more greenery to your yard.

7. Use them as a decorative feature in your home
Artificial hedges are a great way to create green walls or even half-walls in your home! There are so many ways you can decorate with artificial plants for your interiors.


Gain privacy in a stylish way with artificial hedges!

Artificial hedges are great for regaining privacy around your property, and they happen to be truly easy to install and maintain too. Their versatility also makes them a great option for any indoor or outdoor space.

Do you have a space that needs some artificial hedges for greenery, but don’t know how to choose what’s the best option for you? Contact us today to speak to one of our experts. We can help you choose artificial greenery that is perfect for your space!

1 August 2021
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