Artificial hedges are an instant miracle. Not only do they screen unsightly views in minutes, but they can create beautiful features in their own right. Want to mask your bins from view? Then consider creating a bin cover with an artificial hedge. Don't like the view from the bedroom window? Then create some stylish mini-hedges in a window box. It's so easy to do you'll wonder why you never thought of it before.


Instant Green Style

Not only will artificial hedging instantly screen that unappealing view, but it'll look effortlessly stylish while doing it. There's something very contemporary about a classic green box hedge - and only the speed with which it appeared will tip anyone off to the fact that it's not the real, and very chic, article.

Best of all, your new artificial hedge will keep its good looks year-round thanks to anti-UV protection, and you won't need to do any of that tedious watering or clipping to keep it looking its best.


Brighten Up the Office

Uninspiring views are everywhere. If you look out of the office window and find your heart sinking, then ask the boss about installing some instant artificial hedges to brighten the view. If they complain, tell them that a greener office increases productivity by 15% and improves memory retention and staff engagement.

Even better, those green hedges could spell out the company name or slogan, because anything is possible using flexible and versatile artificial hedging. And they won't need watering or looking after but will stay looking good day after day for a very classy office.


Get Planting Today

We have a range of artificial hedging available, from classic boxwood to red leaf hedging with a hint of russet and an airier, less dense coverage. Whichever you choose, you'll enjoy greener vistas in minutes, so contact us and our knowledgeable team will happy to help you turn an eyesore into a dream view with an artificial hedge.