The Advantages of an Artificial Hedge 'Green Wall'

Flowers in front of Artificial Hedge Green Wall

However, green walls using living plants can entail a great deal of maintenance. Although you benefit from their oxygen-giving capacities, they need constant watering and weeding and certain conditions in which to thrive and look their best. Enter the artificial hedge 'green wall', which has some great benefits for your garden.


Low Maintenance

Like an artificial lawn, a faux hedge is extremely low-maintenance. Apart from dusting occasionally to keep it looking its best, your green wall will flourish without water or fertiliser, and that's good for the environment.


Looks Beautiful in All Weathers

Artificial green walls will not wither and turn brown in a heatwave or be killed off by frost. You won't spend all autumn clearing away dead leaves. And because they're UV-treated, they keep their colour whatever the weather.


Won't Overwhelm Your Garden

One of the great advantages of using artificial greenery is that it won't get overgrown and take over your garden. Green walls look best when they're kept under control and looking immaculate. And because artificial greenery doesn't grow, you won't need to clip or shape it to keep it looking its best.


Quick and Easy to Install

Because an artificial hedge is so easy to work with, you can 'grow' your green wall in the space of a few hours. This is particularly useful if you have an eyesore that you want to get rid of in a hurry. Artificial greenery will also adapt to any space, as it's so easy to adjust it to the right size.


Adds Value

Green is a very calming and de-stressing colour that adds impact with added health benefits! And by beautifying your environment with an artificial green wall, you'll add value to your property, too, whether your wall is inside or out.


No Green Fingers Required

If you love the idea of a green wall, but you only have to look at a plant to kill it, then an artificial hedge is the ideal solution!

If you love the idea of creating a low-maintenance green wall with an artificial hedge, then check out the varieties available on the website, or contact our friendly and knowledgeable team for more details.

25 May 2021
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