Fake grass for turtle tank

Turtles are very-friendly creatures. Their different colours and patterns combined with charming personalities make them extraordinary pets, and just like any other pets, they can even recognise their owner! But just like with any pet, it is important they are provided with everything necessary to ensure that they live a long, happy and comfortable life, and one of the best ways to do so, is to ensure that their enclosures are more welcoming and comfortable with different necessities such as artificial grass, so learn more about the benefits of using artificial grass for your pet. 

29 June 2022
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Benefits of using Artificial grass for pets

We tend to adore our animal companions, but having one does mean we have to be a bit extra careful buying new products as we don’t know what impact those can have. This is why our products do not contain any harmful substances, and your pets can therefore sniff and lick the pet friendly artificial grass without any problems. Find out the many benefits of choosing artificial grass and why it can be better than natural lawns

15 February 2022
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Choosing the Right Artificial Grass for Your Dog

If you're a devoted dog owner & want your pet pooch to have the perfect lawn then why not browse the range of artificial grass on our website? Read article [...]
17 September 2021
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Artificial Grass for Reptiles Vivariums

Over the last years we have received a surprising number of enquiries from snakes & lizards owners in search of some fake grass lining for their vivariums [...]
17 June 2021
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