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Laying artificial grass on soil

Artificial grass is often much easier to install than you think. While you can hire professionals, it’s easy to DIY it too. Laying artificial grass on soil is often the most straightforward option, as laying over grass can cause drainage issues, and it’s much harder to ensure you have an even surface. So if you have a bare patch in your garden that you’re wondering what to do with or a patch of grass you’re considering digging up, we can help.

19 May 2022
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Power brush for artificial grass

Often people are told that artificial grass is 100% maintenance-free. While it is true that fake grass is very low maintenance, it tends to be placed outside where animals and weather can impact its condition, which means some maintenance is still required. Thankfully, it is still very low maintenance, and there are tools you can use to make the job even easier (plus, you still don't have to look after artificial turf as much as you would have to mow and weed a natural grass lawn.) 

Let's look at some performance tools for artificial grass.

15 February 2022
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Installing an Artificial Lawn for a Bowling Green

One of the most important things for any bowling club to think about is installing the greens. Many choose artificial grass for its many benefits. As well as being easy maintenance, artificial turf can extend the bowling season, has better and more consistent conditions, and better levels. This guide will give you advice on what to think about when installing an artificial lawn for your bowling green.

26 January 2022
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How do you install artificial grass around a pool?

If you haven’t already, read our article on the benefits of Artificial Grass around pools. If you have and decide to proceed, great, keep reading! With a few steps, installing your artificial grass is going to be pretty straightforward with these tips.

7 December 2021
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When Does Synthetic Grass Need to Be Replaced?

Synthetic grass is very durable and should last for many years. It is resistant to wear and tear from regular use - even energetic sporting activities or the running-around of children - and will also resist fading as a [...]
25 September 2021
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Getting the Most Out of Synthetic Grass

There are many different types of artificial grass on the market today. Partly this is due to quality, with some being near indistinguishable from natural grass and others being a bit more artificial in look and feel [...]
25 September 2021
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Real vs. Artificial? What's the Best Grass Turf?

Being able to get outside is proven to boost our mental health and wellbeing. But over time a natural lawn can prove overwhelming, particularly as we age and become less mobile [...]
24 September 2021
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How to Keep Your Synthetic Grass Smelling Sweet

Fortunately, with a little bit of maintenance and some TLC, your lawn will be sweet-smelling again in no time. Read more [...]
15 September 2021
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