For the Kids: Fake Grass

Do your children like to play out in all weathers? Are you continually cleaning muddy boot - and paw - prints off your floors? Then you'll really benefit from using artificial grass. When properly installed, fake grass drains freely, so it's fine for your kids to play on whatever the weather. And there's never any mud, so your kids - and your lawn - always look their best! Another plus point is safety - even if you don't want to replace the entire lawn, using artificial grass turf under a kids' play area is a smart choice.


For Entertaining: Artificial Grass

What does your lawn look like after a barbecue or a garden party? If your live grass can't cope with the passage of endless feet, you really need to invest in the artificial kind. After a wash and brush-up, your grass blades will stand up as good as new and garden furniture won't cause permanent damage or muddy patches. One word of caution: you'll need to stand your barbecue on a terrace or deck - the good news is that both of those features look great with an artificial lawn!


For People with Reduced Mobility: A Low-Maintenance Lawn

Being able to get outside is proven to boost our mental health and wellbeing. But over time a natural lawn can prove overwhelming, particularly as we age and become less mobile. A low-maintenance artificial lawn can give those with reduced mobility a lovely green space to enjoy without the hassle of having to mow and water. Add a raised bed and you can enjoy the pleasure of growing flowers and vegetables without having to worry about keeping the edges neat.


For Wildlife: Natural Grass

Natural grass encourages and supports all kinds of wildlife in the garden. Why not lay a smaller artificial grass turf lawn and leave a section of your garden to grow wild? Or add borders packed with butterfly- and bird-attracting plants that add beauty to your entire garden while giving you the best of both worlds?

If you're convinced that fake grass turf is the right fit with your garden, then we have a range of styles that are just right for every lawn. Why not browse the website to find the perfect grass for your garden, and then contact us to find out how much you need to order for your new-low maintenance lawn?