If you are planning an outdoor event then one of your primary concerns will be the weather. As everyone knows, the weather can make or break an event and so it is really important that you have safeguarding plans in place just in case the heavens decide to open. Too many events have been ruined by the rain, simply because not enough thought was given in the planning stages. Avoid the weather raining on your parade by using synthetic grass – the perfect flooring solution for any outdoor event. Read on to find out about the many events that it is used for:



Outdoor weddings are a glorious affair and it’s wonderful to be able to mingle with friends and family in the open air. Most people book a marquee so that there is suitable shelter overhead, but many people fail to think about the flooring. Hiring in a wooden floor can be very expensive, but laying synthetic grass on the ground is a brilliant alternative. That way if it rains then people can dance on regardless, rather than the normal grass slowly turning into mud throughout the course of the event.


A Garden Party

Everyone loves a garden party and it is a real shame when, despite your planning, adverse weather conditions stop play. Avoid your party being a washout by laying fake grass on the ground and putting gazebos up overhead – that way it will feel like a beautiful summer’s day regardless of the weather! Artificial grass is a far cheaper option than you may think – so it is definitely an option worth looking into.


Children’s Parties

Not only is synthetic grass eminently practical but it is also extremely safe too, meaning that children can play on it without risk or hazard to their health. If you are planning a child’s birthday party and you want them to be able to play outside then consider turning at least part of your garden into a synthetic grass haven! Your lawn won’t get messed up by loads of kids stampeding it, and the children won’t even notice the difference. Artificial grass is increasingly popular with schools and play parks because it is safe, clean and maintenance-free.

Fake grass is the perfect solution to all manner of outdoor event problems. If you are interested in finding out a little more, simply give the experts at Express Grass a call.