Why We Might Soon Be Seeing More Artificial Grass in the UK

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Going Green

But the real reason that fake grass has caught on in the US is the changing climate, which has left real lawns at the mercy of terrible droughts. In areas where maintaining a living lawn is increasingly seen as a wasteful and expensive affair, states have been offering financial incentives to swap real lawns for fake. By 2012 it was estimated that the amount of synthetic turf laid in America was saving three billion gallons of water, with the Southern Nevada Water Authority estimating that each square foot of synthetic lawn was saving 55 gallons of water.

But the benefits of artificial grass in the UK could go further. For example, the rubber crumb infill that makes a synthetic lawn feel so cushioned underfoot is created from end-of-life rubber tyres, thus keeping them out of the landfill. And the reduction in the use of fungicides and herbicides prevents harmful chemicals from leaching into the water table, which is good for wildlife. In America, builders are now being granted US Green Building Council certification when they opt for low environmental impact choices like artificial grass. 


The Future of Artificial Grass

Some of America's biggest sports teams, especially those in the Southern states, use synthetic playing surfaces, and huge attractions like Disneyland use lush fake lawns instead of the real thing. New York City Parks and Recreation Department are one of the biggest users of synthetic grass products in the US, laying the artificial grass to soften the concrete jungle. In fact, landscaping is driving a 30-35% annual increase in the use of synthetic turf.

So is Europe catching up? The latest figures for global usage indicate that it's now the biggest market for fake grass with a 48% share of the market. Demand is growing rapidly in the UK with an average growth in year-on-year sales of 63%, although there are some concerns about the loss of biodiversity as the equivalent of two Hyde Parks are covered in artificial grass in the UK every year.

Obviously, this isn't a choice for everyone. But if you want your children to be able to use the garden all year round or you have low mobility and can no longer maintain a lawn, then artificial grass in the UK could work for you. Plant some beautiful pots, window boxes or herbaceous borders and enjoy diverse wildlife alongside your easy-care lawn.

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11 August 2021
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