1. Use Artificial Grass Turf for a Fabulous Lawn

One of the big letdowns of a shady garden, particularly the area under trees, is that the grass looks terrible. There is a solution that will look great all year round, no matter how little sunlight is available, and that's to use artificial lawn. Unroll some fake grass turf and you'll give an instant lift to your garden. Finish with paving slabs or bark chip paths for a natural effect.


2. Be Bold with Colour

Use light and bright colours for your hard landscaping. You can keep your choices quite subtle with natural stone and terracotta pots, or go for some punchy brightly coloured pots or furniture to brighten up your shady spot.


3. Create a Shaded Nook

Instead of seeing the shade as a problem, see it as an opportunity to create a secluded nook that's just perfect for reading a book, sipping a cocktail or even enjoying a lover's tryst. Adding a bench or a swing can make the most of that shady corner by giving it a little bit of magic.


4. Try Prairie Planting

Prairie planting is the name given to great swathes of planting that give a really natural feel. You may not have huge amounts of space, but you can still use the same planting principle, creating drifts of beautiful shade plants like anemones, dicentra, alchemilla mollis and hostas that will brighten any shady corner and really thrive in the conditions.


5. Add an Architectural Element

A beautiful statue bathed in dappled light, some exterior lighting and reflective garden ornaments can all add character to an otherwise rather sad-looking garden. Bring something fun and reflective into those gloomy corners and you'll add interest and lift the mood


If you have a shade garden and are ready to swap a real lawn for an artificial one to add some style and functionality to your outdoor space, then have a look at our selection of artificial grass turf and then contact us for more details.