How to Keep Your Synthetic Grass Smelling Sweet

Synthetic Grass maintenance
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Fortunately, with a little bit of maintenance and some TLC, your lawn will be sweet-smelling again in no time.



Does Disinfectant Work?

You can rinse down your artificial lawn using a diluted solution of bleach, but choose one with an odour you like, as you can end up covering one unpleasant smell with another!

You could substitute vinegar for bleach, but you're likely to have the same problem unless you really enjoy the aroma of vinegar. Don't forget to follow up with a rinse with soapy water to keep things smelling clean.


The Quick Pick-up and Hose

If your pong problem is being caused by poo rather than wee, then the solution is straightforward. Pick up as soon as possible and then rinse thoroughly.

The problem with relying on washing away the smell is the likelihood of a hosepipe ban in your area.


The Infill Solution

Very fine infill sand is another way to stop the problem. Simply sprinkle over the dog wee and brush in with a plastic rake. Never use metal, as the teeth can snag the fibres of your synthetic grass and cause real problems.

The sand should absorb the odours, and the treatment is easy to re-apply whenever necessary.


Make a Dog Toilet

If you'd really prefer to keep your pet's business off your lawn altogether, consider creating a dog or cat toilet area. This should be somewhere away from your lawn that's easy to access and clean.

Simply prepare a dirt or gravel patch - you could use cat litter if appropriate - and train your dog or cat to use that area when they need to toilet.


Get the Installation Right

Often when there's an odour problem, it's related to poor installation. You should always ensure that you use a good weed-suppressing membrane followed by a solid substrate and a final layer of fine gravel to encourage proper drainage.

Now secure the synthetic grass with tape and nails so no animal waste gets trapped between the grass and the gravel. Check your installation monthly when you perform a routine clean to make sure your grass is still draining properly.


Use the Right Grass

At Expressgrass we stock a wide range of synthetic grass that's ideal for dogs, from luxury long-bladed styles for the pampered pooch through to tough sports grasses for dogs who love to romp around!

Properly installed, they'll give your pets hours of pleasure whilst being easy to maintain and sweet-smelling. Just browse the range on the website to choose the ideal grass for your pets.

15 September 2021
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