The Top 5 Artificial Grass Myths Busted!

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1. Fake Grass Is Toxic

In the UK, artificial lawns for domestic use are laid on a weed-inhibiting membrane with an infill of silica sand. It seems that silica sand - which is also a main ingredient of non-toxic glass - has become confused with silica gel, the little packets often marked 'do not eat' that you find in new shoes and handbags. This gel is also non-toxic, but it can cause a choking hazard when eaten.


2. It's Not Safe for Kids and Pets!

The logic goes that because an artificial lawn is not made of real live grass it must somehow be unsafe for pets and kids. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth. Artificial grass is manufactured in the same way as a carpet - do you ever hear anyone screaming that carpet is unsafe for pets and children? This cushioned surface is ideal for all-year-round play, and there are a no more muddy foot or paw prints because your artificial lawn is free-draining.


3. It Overheats

Modern fake grass is nothing like the original Astroturf, which could heat up and feel unpleasant underfoot on a hot summer's day. But where once artificial grass couldn't match the in-built cooling of a live lawn, technology has moved on and new products can now feel almost as refreshing on a hot day as the real thing. But if you're frightened of using fake grass in your garden because of stories about people suffering burns, then Google it - it's an urban myth and has never happened.


4. It's Not Good for the Environment

Obviously, by replacing a living lawn with fake grass you're removing habitat for insect life in the garden. However, if you surround your grass with well-planted flower beds, then you can still introduce biodiversity and attract birds and butterflies. In fact, fake grass stacks up pretty well environmentally - you don't need to water or mow, reducing greenhouse gases, and you won't fertilise, helping to actually preserve insect life. By reducing your dependence on harmful chemicals and water, you're doing your bit to preserve wildlife and save precious resources.


5. It Doesn't Look Real

Again, this may have been true 50 years ago when artificial lawns were first laid, but it certainly doesn't hold up now. The easy way to bust this myth is to see for yourself. Grasses with different blade lengths, multi-tones of green and artificial thatch for complete authenticity are so realistic you won't believe they aren't. Why not see for yourself by browsing our website before getting in touch for more details?

25 May 2021
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