What Do the Artificial Grass Reviews Say?

Artificial Grass Reviews
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Out with the Old

When we think of artificial grass, Astroturf tends to spring to mind. With its neon shades and stiff, ridged appearance, it might be perfect for an exhibition stand, but it's hardly the grass we want in our own back gardens. But times have changed, and the artificial grass reviews have been quick to pick up on the new trends.

Take, for example, the Selhurst Stripe grass. This new addition to the line features U-shaped blades that spring back quickly after being trampled on. The artificial grass reviews have been impressed by its use of four different colours, which make it look alive and vibrant from a distance and very genuine up close. But perhaps its best feature is the 'stripe'. How many hours and failed attempts at getting a perfect stripe end in frustration? Well, not anymore.


An Environmental Choice

Many reviews are also quick to point out that permanent artificial grass is a great way to save water and cut down on mowing costs. Artificial grass doesn't need weed killer applications or fertilising, either. This leaves more time for you to concentrate on your herbaceous borders and other plantings, which will bring birds and butterflies into your garden.

The artificial grass reviews are also impressed by the year-round vibrancy that high-quality replacement grass brings to a garden. A consistent, water-penetrable surface is also a great way to reduce erosion.

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30 June 2021
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