Choose Your Grass Carefully

There are many different types of artificial grass on the market today. Partly this is due to quality, with some being near indistinguishable from natural grass and others being a bit more artificial in look and feel. More realistic grasses tend to be more expensive, and some that look a bit artificial close up will be much less conspicuous in use, as you will rarely get down on your knees for a close investigation of your lawn. Finding just the right balance between realism and your budget is therefore something that requires careful thought.

There are also different lengths, grades and styles of artificial grass, ranging from the close-clipped to those which offer a shaggy, natural look complete with the odd dead blade. Once again, think carefully to make sure you choose the style you like best. Assessing both quality and style will be much easier with the help of samples.


Go All Out

When installing synthetic grass, it is definitely best to go all out and replace the entire area in question. This is due simply to the fact that you will most likely find it impossible to make the synthetic grass match the real thing, no matter how realistic the artificial component is. It is hard to find two different stretches of real grass that quite match; even when lawns belonging to two adjacent houses are joined as a single stretch of grass, there will be a noticeable divide due to different maintenance procedures.


Professional Installation

It is probably worth having your artificial grass installed professionally. This will simply and easily ensure a high standard of work and a great-looking lawn that will stay in good condition for years to come. However, it is easy to install your own artificial grass if you have the time and purchase the correct accessories to aid in smooth installation. To find out more about synthetic grass types and about installation, have a look through our site or get in touch.