The five tools you need to install synthetic grass like a pro

tools to install fake grass
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Done with care, the installation of a new synthetic lawn is straightforward, especially if you have these five essential tools.


1. A wheelbarrow

A wheelbarrow is absolutely essential to make light work of removing the old lawn before you get down to the business of installing the new. You will also find that you can't live without a wheelbarrow to move sand and aggregate around as you prepare for the installation of the synthetic grass. If you have a lot of lawn to remove, consider a skip or big bag to make removal easy.


2. Compactor

You may need to hire one of these from your local DIY hire shop but a compactor really is a tool you can't do without when preparing your artificial lawn installation. You will need to compact both the sand and the aggregate to ensure a super-smooth finish for a stable and free-draining lawn.


3. Hammer

Every good handyman has a hammer in their toolbox and this is another tool that you can't do without when laying your new lawn. This is because you will need to edge the perimeter of your new lawn with timber, to which you pin the grass. Most installers recommend tacking the artificial grass at six-inch intervals with 40mm nails. A good hammer makes short work of this job.


4. Knife

Without a sharp curved edge, you will never get your artificial lawn looking as good as it should. Whether you need to take off any factory edges, to cut the synthetic grass to fit neatly against your edging or want to remove a couple of stitches to get your joins just right, a sharp knife - and extra blades - is absolutely essential; otherwise, you will never get the right cut and may end up ripping or tearing your artificial grass.


5. A friend

Synthetic grass is tough stuff and weighs more than you think. Enlist the help of a friend to get the roll off the delivery van and help you to unroll it in your garden. You will also need a spare pair of hands to help you move the lengths into place for the neatest possible joins. An extra pair of eyes can also be essential in helping you to spot where your hammer and knife are so that you don't lose them under your new lawn!

A synthetic lawn is a fantastic investment, whether you have children or animals who love to play outside or reduced mobility means that a living lawn is increasingly unmanageable. Laying your lawn like a pro means that it will drain better and last longer, lending emerald perfection to your garden all year long.

If you are looking into laying your own artificial lawn, we stock a wide range of different grasses and all the professional installation accessories you need to create the perfect look.

25 September 2021
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