When Is the Best Time to Install Artificial Grass?

when to lay Artificial Grass
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For many, spring will be a good season for installing a synthetic lawn. The weather is warming up and is much less likely to disrupt the work with heavy rain or extreme conditions, and the vibrant new lawn will be in place ready for summer. However, it can damage the look and usability of outdoor space just as plants are in bloom.



If the practical viewpoint were the only one to be considered, summer would definitely be the time to install an artificial lawn. Reliable dry and pleasant weather is the biggest plus, and larger projects benefit from the long hours of daylight too. However, there are relatively few situations where it is really desirable to disrupt outdoor spaces and their use just at the time of year when it is most pleasant to be outdoors.



Autumn is a good time of year for installing artificial grass. The weather has not descended into the depths or the extremes of winter - though unfortunately, it can still be decidedly unreliable.

At the same time, the peak season for making use of outdoor spaces has passed, rendering the disruption much less significant than in summer or, arguably, in spring.



The obvious advantage of winter is that most outdoor spaces are being used lightly or not at all, so the disruption of a big project like installing an artificial lawn is not likely to be too bothersome. However, the short days and - crucially - poor weather means that work may experience significant disruption if it is rained off, if the ground remains wet following previous rainy spells or, in the depths of the season, if snow and ice hit.


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25 September 2021
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