6 Common Grass Turf Installation Mistakes to Avoid

Grass Turf Installation Mistakes
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1. Lack of Drainage

The first big mistake that most DIY installers make is poor preparation, resulting in poor drainage. You'll need to dig a good foundation for your grass turf so that you don't end up with unhygienic pools of standing water whenever it rains.

Adding a layer of hardcore or gravel before levelling with sand will ensure drainage is adequate - no more muddy puddles!


2. Lumps and Bumps

The slightest bump will spoil the professional look of your lawn, so make sure you start by taking up the old turf. Clear any large stones, tree roots or other obstacles to a perfectly flat and even lawn before you start to install on a level bed of sand.


3. Weeds and Other Nasties

Just as weeds and other unwanted intruders can spoil the look of a living lawn, they'll do the same with your artificial grass turf. It's essential that you install a weed-inhibiting membrane under your grass to stop other plants from breaking through.

After all, you've installed an artificial lawn because it's low-maintenance - don't make the mistake of having to keep it weeded!


4. Poor Finishing

As with any DIY job, creating the perfect artificial lawn is all about the quality of the finish. These are the worst errors when it comes to laying your lawn:

  • Unless you're going for a specific striped lawn look, you need to make sure that the pile on each piece of turf faces in the same direction.
  • Edges and joints need securing with special tape or adhesive so they don't tear or become a trip hazard. You can even use galvanised U pins to keep everything anchored securely.
  • Joins must be absolutely precise - otherwise, it can be almost impossible to put them right without starting again. Nothing makes a synthetic lawn look fake more than poorly aligned joints


5. Throwing Away the Offcuts

Never get rid of the scraps from laying your lawn - you never know when you might have a small tear or hole that you need to repair that an offcut is perfect for.


6. Forgetting Reflections

While this doesn't exactly affect the installation process, it is a crucial part of keeping your lawn well maintained. You must ensure that sunlight can't reflect back onto your newly installed lawn - otherwise, you may be replacing sections of your grass more quickly than you think.

That's because reflections can cause burn damage if left unattended - and if you threw away the offcuts, you're in double trouble!

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16 September 2021
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