Fun Things to Do with Your Leftover Artificial Boxwood Hedging

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Dress the Table

This is a lovely idea for a spring or summer table. Simply click your leftover tiles together to create a table runner, then use individual tiles - you can trim off the fasteners - as table mats. You can cut several coasters from one tile and then add small rubber feet or a piece of felt so they don't mark the table. Beautiful and practical - you can simply hose them down if anything gets spilt on them - these table accessories will really make an impact!


Topiary Tricks

If your young children love Beatrix Potter characters or Peppa Pig, then why not try creating a fun topiary representation of their favourite character? Create the skeleton from chicken wire, wrapped securely in tape so there are no sharp edges, then cover with artificial boxwood hedging tiles. You might even want to order extra so you can create a larger figure and incorporate a low-wattage LED light.


Green Screen

This is a great idea if you want to section off space in your living room for a home office or create a moveable 'green wall' effect in any room in the house - this is particularly effective in the bathroom. Simply take a standard screen - or make one yourself - then cover with your leftover hedging tiles. You can embellish further with artificial flowers or even hang a mirror or two. Then simply stand wherever you want to create a division between two spaces.

If you want to take the idea further, then why not build a permanent structure to act as a room divider? This is easily done using MDF, which is then covered with hedging tiles and is a fresh and funky way to bring the outdoors in.


Wall Art

You may have used your artificial boxwood tiles to create some privacy screening in the garden, but why not use any leftover tiles to create some wall art for the indoors or outdoors? Simply choose a word that resonates with you and then choose a font you like. Scale-up each letter on your laptop and print it out, then use it as a template to cut a backing - stiff card is fine but MDF is more permanent. Now glue your boxwood tiles in place, trimming where necessary, and voila! Beautiful green art for your home and garden.

If we've inspired you to get creative with artificial boxwood hedging, then take a look at the range on our website and let your imagination go to work. What would you create? Why not give our friendly team a call? They'll be happy to take your order.

19 September 2021
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