5 unusual uses for artificial boxwood hedging

chairs and table with artificial boxwood hedging backdrop
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Not only does it never need clipping, feeding or watering, it looks good all year round and it won't fade, thanks to advanced UV stabilisation. But artificial hedging isn't just confined to the garden - here are 5 unusual ways that you can use artificial greenery to make an impact in and around your home and business.


1. Spruce up a shop front

Are your business premises looking tired? Do you need a little subtle sophistication for your shop front? Why not try installing artificial hedging panels where you might have a wooden fascia board that's seen better days.

Artificial boxwood looks clean and contemporary - you could also add matching topiary on each side of the entrance - and it's a clever way to conceal wiring for illuminated signs and even anti-bird spikes!


2. Spell it out

This is a terrific idea for a wedding or a special birthday. Why not spell out initials or names using hedging letters. They're easy to create with flat hedge panels wrapped around a frame and secured with staples or tacks. Because the panels are so flexible, you won't have any problems creating curves. They will make a stunning feature, especially for the photos!


3. Replace your planters

If you don't keep your wood or plastic planters looking beautiful, then they can easily fall into disrepair, filled with all kinds of rubbish. That looks pretty awful in your own garden and worse if you're running a business.

A smart and simple makeover is to cover them with artificial boxwood hedging. Build up the height into full hedges if you need to, or replant the hedging covered planters for a chic and unique effect.


4. Make a scene

The beauty of fake hedging is that it's so quick and easy to create all kinds of effects, from covering a drab concrete wall in greenery to making a mobile hedge that can be used anywhere.

You can also create greenery screens that make a fabulous backdrop for theatre productions, home movie making or even the school nativity. And because they only need a hose down to keep looking good, you can easily store your screens away for next year.


5. Solve a dispute

Are you involved in a boundary dispute with a neighbour? A quick and easy divider using artificial boxwood hedging might just be the ideal way to keep the peace!

Whether you opt for full-on 3D fake hedges or simply cover some cheap trellis with hedging tiles, you'll both have a pleasant view to look out on, and a clear idea of who's land ends where. It's a smart and affordable solution to what can be a stressful situation.

The uses for fake hedging are only limited by your imagination. If you think your clients would love to sit on fake hedging cushions, or your kids would love a green wall in their bedroom, then browse the website for all the materials you need.

25 May 2021
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