Is fake grass flammable?

Is fake grass flammable
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Artificial grass can be installed in various settings. It is particularly used for events. This type of comfortable, realistic, heavy-duty and easy-to-install flooring can, for instance, be used to decorate a booth or a trade fair. In this way, you can quickly and easily create a green area and enhance a layout with an artificial lawn.

However, for the decoration of a booth, a trade fair, a terrace of a restaurant or even for the shop window or during any event, it is advisable to lay a synthetic turf that has a reaction to fire classification of Bfl-s1, Cfl-s1 or M3 without sanding., the flooring specialist, offers you several models of fire-rated synthetic turf suitable for all areas open to the public.

Fire Regulations

The objective of fire safety is to prevent the spread of fires. That's why offers you 'Extinguish' and ‘Urban Colours’.

Extinguish’ and ‘Urban Colours’ by Expressgrass are fire-resistant, unlike other floor coverings. The artificial grass ‘Extinguish’ has been tested according to Cfl-s and scored a much higher fire rating. Similarly, tests for ‘Urban Colours’ have been carried out in accordance with Bfl-s1 providing excellent fire resistance. As a result, Cfl-s1 and Bfl-s1 rated flooring is not easily ignited and will emit little smoke.

Indoors for Commercial

Essential for Exhibition Halls with its increased smoke/fire protection, ‘Extinguish’ as well as ‘Urban Colours’ are a must for indoor commercial use. ‘Extinguish’ is an artificial grass designed with Exhibition and Trade halls in mind. The much higher fire rating of Cfl-s1 allows this product to be used commercially indoors as it conforms to much higher standards set by the European Exhibition Industry.


This range can also be used outdoors for any landscaping project. As with all our ranges 'Extinguish' nor ‘Urban Colours’ do not require a sand or rubber dressing over the top compared to its rival grasses of the same design. The grass is very popular in smoking areas. large terraces and even play areas. Its tough natural close pile makes it ideal for any heavy domestic use.

25 September 2021
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