When Is Fake Grass Used Indoors?

artificial grass indoors

Fake grass offers a number of very real advantages over natural grass. One of these is that, unlike real grass, artificial lawns can be laid indoors and kept there in the long term without problems. This particular merit is often undervalued because many ordinary people do not see why having a lawn indoors could be useful or desirable. However, there are a number of situations in which it can be very useful and desirable to use imitation grass indoors.


Sports Facilities

The ability to have realistic grass indoors can be extremely useful for sports facilities, and this is perhaps the largest indoor market for artificial grass products. Imitation grass provides an excellent surface for sports that have been traditionally played on natural grass. Notable examples include football and rugby, where grass is the standard playing surface. It is also very important for tennis, where grass and hard surfaces are considered two separate options and offer very different playing experiences.
Fake grass provides a durable, high-quality playing surface. Modern artificial grass also offers a playing experience extremely close to that of natural grass. This is useful even for outdoor facilities, as artificial grass is more durable than natural grass and better after spells of wet weather. It is most important, however, for indoor facilities which have previously been unable to offer the experience of playing on grass.


Architecture and Art

Fake grass is very useful for architectural displays and models, as well as for art exhibitions. Architectural displays often use mock-ups of proposed buildings, grounds and gardens on various scales, as well as demonstrations of concepts which often include outdoor spaces. Similarly, art installations often seek to make use of various tools and resources, including outdoor scenery, of which grass is a prominent component.
Modern artificial grass provides a highly realistic lawn surface that is fully suitable for indoor use and will remain green and vibrant when deprived of sunlight. This is extremely useful for artists and architects who want the best possible representation of a real-life outdoor landscape for displays, installations and concept models.

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14 July 2021
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