Eco-Flo Backing


What is Eco-Flo?

Eco-Flo is the next generation of synthetic lawns. In a nutshell it is an 'Environmentally Friendly Sports Grade Artificial Grass Backing'. Eco-Flo is a 100% recyclable artificial grass brought exclusive to the UK by The launch is dramatically characterised by the 100% recyclable materials, super water permeability and strong tuftlock stitching.





Eco-Flo Advantages

  No Latex. No PU & No Coating
  Super Water Permeability
  Strong Tuftlock
  Easy and flexible for installing
  Extremely soft backing, easy for seam bonding



Superior Drainage Qualities

  Drains and Drys 5 times quicker than standard artifical grass
  100% Permeable, no water logging
  increase all-weather use




100% Recyclable

  100% Green & Eco Friendly
  Safe and Healthy for Users
  Easy and Low-cost recycle



FIFA Approved

 Not only does Eco-Flo meet all the standards set out by FIFA, it goes far beyond them. So you can rest assured that when you buy an Eco-Flo Artificial Grass you are getting the absolute best quality possible.