Artificial Grass for Dogs and Pets

artificial grass for dogs


Safety of artificial grass for dogs

Not only dogs, but also pets like cats and rabbits love to sniff and bite at everything. It is therefore extremely important that the artificial turf is also safe, demonstrably safe. 

Pet-friendly artificial turf provides a comfortable and safe environment for pets to play. Artificial grass reduces the risk of mud, dirt, and pests that can be associated with traditional lawns. Dog-safe fake grass has easy maintenance, and pet owners can enjoy a beautiful, hassle-free outdoor space that is safe for their pets.

Ensuring that your artificial turf is pet-friendly is essential to keep your home harmless for your furry friends. Our products do not contain any harmful substances, so your pets can sniff, lick and play in the artificial grass as much as they want with no problems.

We offer a huge variety of pet-friendly artificial grass with all different qualities and price points that may be suitable for you.


Suitable for dogs?

Dogs playing on the lawn will not be a problem. Nevertheless, you should make sure that the lawn mat is well and firmly positioned so that it does not shift, and the surface must also be stable.


Using synthetic grass as a litter for dogs 

There are various types of absorbing mats, but artificial grass with its grid system remains the most sanitary: paws stay clean and cleaning is made easy. This means that it can be used over and over again, and provides considerable savings compared to other solutions.




Our artificial grass varieties are particularly suitable for dogs, cats & co. Even with intensive use, our permanent lawns remain wonderfully green and beautiful to look at.


Artificial grass for dogs - Frequently Asked Questions


Is artificial grass safe for dogs in the heat?

Artificial grass is not dangerous for your animals. The synthetic lawn does not store heat and there is no risk of poisoning or even allergies.

How to clean artificial grass for dogs?

A shot of Astronomical Artificial Grass Cleaner  from time to time will keep your artificial grass as clean as in the early days, and will neutralise any persistent bad odours caused by dog pee or poo leaving a fresh cut grass scent.

Will artificial grass hurt dogs?

Fake grass offers a safe surface: no stones, no holes, no thorns and therefore no risk of injury for your pet. On top of that it's a soft surface what makes it perfect to rub against!

Our top pick for your pet pooch's soft paws


This 7mm Budget Artificial Grass is cheaper to buy than most companies charge to hire it out.
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Super high density grass, natural looking pile that has the appearance of real grass.
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Non-toxic substances

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Safe for fur

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Easy to maintain


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